Waldorf Colorado: Waldorf Schools in Colorado
Including Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Vail, and Colorado Springs

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What is a Waldorf School? A Waldorf School is one inspired by the teachings and educational philosophy and pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner. It nurtures children through three main areas: heart, hands and head. Waldorf programs are notable for the beauty that surrounds the children, from the careful thought put into wall colors by grade to the wealth of artwork created by the children. Waldorf is also notable for the fact that teachers track their children in K-12 programs, so a Waldorf student might well have the same teacher from first through sixth grade, or even further through the years of their schooling. Waldorf schools are also strong, close-knit communities of like-minded parents, which is a great help when traveling the difficult journey of parenting in this modern era.

Waldorf Schools of Colorado

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Denver Waldorf School

  • Denver Waldorf School, Denver, CO, preschool thru 12th grade.

Shining Mountain Waldorf School

  • Shining Mountain Waldorf School, Boulder, CO, preschool thru 12th grade.

Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork

  • Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork, Carbondale, CO, preschool thru 8th grade.

Shepherd Valley Waldorf School

  • Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, Niwot, CO, preschool thru 8th grade.

Tara Performing Arts High School

  • Tara Performing Arts High School, Boulder, CO, high school: grades 9-12.

Parzival Shield Waldorf Preschool Kindergarten

  • Parzival Shield Waldorf Preschool Kindergarten, Denver, CO.

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